Norwegian cold-water prawn prices have increased month-on-month following a 15% rise in exports during the first four months of 2018. The increase in demand from Norway has been supported by a decline in supply of Canadian cold-water prawns. The key fishing areas for Canadian cold-water prawns saw quota cuts for the 2017/18 season, with further cuts made to the same fishing areas for 2018/19 which has led to an increase in  demand for Norwegian cold-water prawns.


Quotas for haddock in the Barents Sea north of Scandinavia were lowered this year to 202,305 tonnes, a cut of 13% in comparison to the previous year, jacking up prices by more than a quarter.

Plaice prices in the UK have dropped 21% on March’s levels as harvest season began in April. Larger catches have increased supplies, forcing prices downwards.

Strong demand from Portugal and Spain resulted in Norway’s best-ever quarter for cod with an export value of over NOK 3 billion (£274m). The 80% reduction in quotas of Pacific cod in the US Gulf of Alaska further increased demand for the Norwegian product as buyers are forced towards Atlantic cod.

FishPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %
Coldwater prawns (NO) 2215 10.80% 37.90%
Haddock (NO) 1435 4.50% 26.80%
Plaice (UK) 1650 -21.00% 20.00%
Sardines (ES) 3123 -9.60% 17.00%
Whiting (UK) 2665 18.20% 15.10%
Cod (NO) 1605 0.80% 13.20%
Salmon (farmed, NO) 6470 -1.10% 9.40%
Yellowfin tuna (SC) 1625 -12.70% -6.40%
Horse Mackerel (ES) 2655 -24.40% -16.30%
Skipjack tuna (TH) 1060 -5.60% -20.70%