St Ivel aims to harness interest in health oriented eating with a £5m TV campaign for its Gold brand. The new campaign aims to build on Gold's relaunch in September last year which focused on semi-skimmed milk as a key ingredient. The new ads, which start on April 19 for an initial four-week burst, feature floating Gold Farm cows, which are so light ­ because of their low fat milk ­ they have to be tethered to the ground. The sign-off tagline is: St Ivel Gold ­ the low fat spread made with low fat milk.' l St Ivel has also brought out Keith Floyd Tipsy Cream with Cointreau, the second variant in its Keith Floyd range. Launching in time for Easter, the product is fresh cream laced with Cointreau orange liqueur. This follows the brandy variant launched at Christmas. {{P&P }}