Baked bean prices remain above the average price for last year, showing 20% inflation year on year

A range of pricing initiatives by retailers have led to a drop in the price of baked beans and blueberries this week, according to The Grocer’s Key Value Items tracker.

AldiLidl and Sainsbury’s all dropped the price of their own label standard baked beans this week by 2p. In Aldi the price, adjusted to 416g, went from 46p to 44p, while in Lidl the price went from 48p to 46p.

In Sainsbury’s the price was cut to 43p from 45p, as part of its Aldi Price Match scheme.

However, baked beans prices remain well above the average price for last year, showing 20% inflation year on year.

The cuts follow similar reductions in the price of pasta and cooking oils, along with bread and butter last month.

At the time, Tesco group chief product officer Ashwin Prasad said: “As we see deflation coming through on key cupboard essentials such as pasta and cooking oil, we’re pleased to pass on these savings to customers.

Aldi also cut the price of a 150g punnet of blueberries, down 25% to £1.19, as part of its Super 7 promotion, which offers seven fruit & vegetable products at a lower price each fortnight.

Asda made a similar cut bringing the price to £1.19, as part of its Great Offers range.

Blueberries are now 16% cheaper on average comapred with last year across the retailers.

These latest price cuts are part of a series of retailer moves in response to falling inflation, including milk price cuts last week.

Grocery inflation eased last month: the prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks rose but by less than a year ago, up 18.4% in the 12 months to May.