londis price drop

Londis aims to boost slow January footfall with a new year value campaign across bestselling brands.

The new Price Drop campaign will run from now until 8 February with half-price offers on leading brands including Lucozade, Heinz, Persil and Pepsi.

To support the six-week campaign, Londis will run in-store marketing and leaflets showcasing the headline promotions including Doritos, Pot Noodle and Capri-Sun better than half price.

“January is a tough time for consumers and retailers, with everyone feeling the pinch after the Christmas excess,” said Londis retail director John Pattison.

“What we’re doing is offering the big brands at the best prices in your local shop. Supported by in-store marketing, we’re making it clear to customers that they can save money on their doorstep without having to travel to a major supermarket. Retailer feedback so far has been positive and we’re looking forward to driving sales right up to Valentine’s Day.”

Londis Siop Hoffnant, Cardigan retailer Marc Jones added: “Londis have got the offers just right for January, with Belvita breakfast bars selling really well as customers are watching what they eat.

“Alongside that the Lucozade £1 offer is perfect for the cold weather, with shoppers needing extra energy to cope with colds and flu. Surprisingly, the Isla Negra wine offer is now very popular after a slow start. It seems people have started drinking again! Everyone is a bit tight after spending all their money before Christmas and it’s important to emphasise offers at this time of year.”