Morrisons and Asda have been vying for the top spot over the past few weeks. This week Asda came out on top - but it was Tesco that ran it closer this time. Asda won by the narrowest margin with a £38.07 basket - just 2p cheaper than Tesco's total. Prices of 28 of the 33 items on our list were identical in Asda and Tesco. Both supermarkets slashed the price of McCain Home Fries oven chips by 72p, for example. Asda raised the price of its own label croissants by 13p and Soreen fruited malt loaf by 16p. But, at 59p, Asda's Amoy straight to wok noodles were 26p cheaper than Tesco, enabling Asda to clinch the cheapest retailer title. It also offered the item cheaper than any other retailer. Tesco, with a £38.09 basket, undercut Asda on the price of three items from the list. These included the fresh double cream for 71p, compared with Asda's 75p, and Mini Babybel, which was 15p cheaper than Asda's price. Last week's winner Morrisons dropped to third place with a £38.95 basket, but matched Asda's prices on 27 items. Morrisons cut the price of pre-packed baking potatoes by 8p but only provided one product that was cheaper than any other retailer - its own label soft scoop vanilla ice cream at 69p. Sainsbury's retains fourth position for another week but provided 27 items for the same price as Asda. Its £39.35 basket contained the most expensive Mini Babybel on the list at £1.24, but the retailer made no significant impact this week in terms of lowering prices. Somerfield was the fifth most expensive retailer this week with a £45.06 basket. Sixteen of its items were the most expensive and it also doubled the price of its loose bananas from 50p to £1. Waitrose was once again branded the priciest retailer with a £46.50 basket. Nine of its items were the most expensive, compared with 16 from its nearest competitor Somerfield. Waitrose also increased the price of its own label croissants significantly from 50p to £1.09.