Morrisons’ reign as cheapest retailer was short lived as Asda kept a lid on prices to regain top spot. 

Despite not engaging in any major price cutting, Asda’s ability to maintain pricing levels meant that at £49.44 its basket of goods edged out Morrisons by 38p.

Asda priced 13 items cheaper than all four of its rivals, including Doritos corn chips – more than 40p less than its closest competitor – and Total Greek Yoghurt at 8p less.

Morrisons slashed £1.50 off the price of the Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Rosé but this was countered by significant increases on premium ciabatta (62p), organic beef mince (41p), white seedless grapes (50p) and Nescafé Original Coffee (37p).

It matched or bettered Asda on 15 prices but only recorded the cheapest price on five items and was the most expensive retailer for the coffee. 

It was a quiet week all round for Sainsbury’s with no major fluctuations in price. Bagged potatoes were up 10p per kilo in line with Asda and Morrisons but elsewhere prices were largely similar to the previous week. 

Sainsbury’s equalled or undercut Asda on 14 items, but at £51.34, the total shop was almost £2 more expensive than at its rival and more than £1.43 dearer than Morrisons.

Tesco was the most expensive retailer for Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings but slashed 19p off its own-label dried spaghetti. The price of Kellogg’s Optivita dropped by 36p while 13p was taken off a loaf of Kingsmill Sliced White Bread. 

Despite matching or bettering Asda on 15 items, Tesco’s basket was the second-dearest of the big five retailers for the fourth week running.

Waitrose bumped up the price of Kellogg’s Optivita and McCain oven chips by 29p and 24p respectively, although at 66p its iceberg lettuce was 9p cheaper than its rivals. 

However, it priced 19 items higher than the competition and matched or bettered Asda on just eight products. At £54.45, its total basket was just over £5 more expensive than Asda’s.