Duracell and Energizer have both reduced their ad spend in the past year [52w/e 30 June 2010]. But the fall in the cost of advertising means they have not necessarily been advertising less: they may simply have been getting more for their money.

Marketing money may also have been diverted from advertising to promotions, with 2009 bringing continued promotional activity, according to Mintel's February 2010 Market Intelligence report. Duracell spent almost £3m on advertising, with the bulk (62.8%) on TV. A considerable amount (24.7%) also went on digital promotion, including Facebook and Twitter, in addition to a link-up with the launch of videogame Summer Athletics.

This included Duracell ads on billboards within the game. Much of Energizer's £2.2m spend this year was on a festive TV, cinema and online push for Energizer Ultimate Lithium. In line with Energizer's recent focus on the gaming market, the ads featured a Wii remote and the tagline 'It's what's inside that counts'.

The battery market is seasonal, with a third of sales happening in the last quarter of the year, and a lot of ad activity is focused on this period.

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