This July, Jaffa Cakes launched its biggest digital effort yet. Activity centred on two microsites, 'Cult of Jaffa' and 'The Jaffa Cake Broadcasting Corporation' - one inviting fans to help protect Jaffa Cakes from the likes of the House of Garibaldi, the other a spoof news site, and both fully integrated with key social media platforms including Twitter and YouTube.

The campaign, part of a £1.5m ad spend, will run for nine months. Oreos Kraft Oreos' new Double Stuff was backed by a TV ad and online campaign based on the concept of licking the Double Stuff middle out of the biscuit. TV ads hit screens in May, directing viewers to a microsite to upload their own Lick Race videos as competition entries.

The campaign was aligned to the brand's light-hearted, family-friendly values, and also used the microsite to drive users to Oreos' Twitter and Facebook pages. Medley McVitie's The May campaign supporting the new Medley cereal bar featured beatboxer Bass6 providing hip hop beats while a chef mixed the ingredients of the bar. Aimed at younger consumers, the controversial ad (human beatbox Beardyman accused McVitie's of plagiarism) drove viewers online.

The £2m campaign shows McVitie's tapping into youth culture and speaking to consumers through familiar digital platforms. toffee dodgers Burton's Foods Toffee Dodgers arrived on shelves in May, supported by a £1.6m TV ad spend devoted to the growing Dodgers range. Under the strapline 'Get Stuck In', the brand highlighted 'the mischief at the heart of every biscuit', personified by two monkey characters, one promoting Jammie Dodgers and the other Toffee Dodgers. A dedicated microsite provided interactive content and links to social media channels.

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