The biscuit market has grown 8.3% in value in the latest year and now is worth more than £2.1bn. Growth has been driven by an increase in prices and to a lesser extent shoppers have purchased biscuits more often. Volume has grown at 0.7%. The main growth sectors have been special treats (+16.3%) and everyday biscuits (+13.1%). The healthier sector, while benefiting from higher prices, has suffered from people buying less per shopping trip. But despite slower growth, healthier biscuits remains the largest sector by value, with 19% of the market.

The top biscuit brand in take-home is Kit Kat while Cadbury Fingers has dropped from third-largest brand to sixth.

M&S, the hard discounters and to a lesser extent Morrisons over-trade in cakes and biscuits versus their share of total grocery.

The cake market has also grown in value, by 3.4%, with Mr Kipling slices the top brand and Cadbury small Swiss roll at number four in a chart otherwise dominated by own label. As with biscuits it has been driven by increased prices with volume growth again at 0.9%. This year, more households have purchased cakes but, while frequency of purchase has increased, people are buying fewer packs per trip. Own label has 57% of this market.

Biscuity cakes (up 7.2%) and slices (11.9%) have driven most growth in this market, in both cases through increasing the number of buyers despite increases in price (up 5%). Large pies and large tarts have shown the sharpest decline, mainly through losing buyers but also reduced frequency of purchase.

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