Activia Single Pots
Launched: October 2009
Launched last October, Activia Single Pots were a break with the conventional multipack format and a way of extending the functional digestive product market penetration to younger consumers, a demographic traditionally overlooked, says Bryan Martins, customer development controller at Danone.

"In just nine months they have become worth roughly £11m-£12m," he says of the range, which is listed in all major multiples and available in peach, cherry, strawberry and raspberry. The pots have an rsp of 69p each.

Hovis Hearty Oats
Launched: April 2010
Hovis Hearty Oats was launched into the multiples by Premier Foods in April and is the first bread to be awarded official approval by cholesterol charity Heart UK. The bread, the first loaf baked with 50% wholegrain oats and 50% wheatflour, is low in saturated fat and is a source of fibre. Two slices contain 1g of beta-glucan, which can help to maintain normal cholesterol levels. The bread has an rsp of £1.34.

"We are also introducing a unique pack colour to the category with superb on-shelf standout," adds Jon Goldstone, marketing director for Hovis.

Quick to Sleep and Quick Relax
Launching: June 2010
Energy shot drinks have been in the UK for some 18 months now, but US firm Viva Beverages the name behind the "Quick Energy" brand is taking the category a step further with the launch in June of "relaxation" extensions Quick to Sleep and Quick Relax. The 59ml shots contain camomile, rosehip, lemon balm, passion flower and hops, while Quick to Sleep has added valerian root.

Quick to Sleep will have an rsp of £2.49 and Quick Relax £1.99. Listing discussions are ongoing, and marketing and extensive sampling kick off this month.

Mountain Dew Energy
Launched: May 2010
Britvic is reintroducing the Mountain Dew brand to the UK, after its unsuccessful attempt in 1996 (the brand, which is worth $1bn in the US, was pulled from UK shelves in 1998). A 500ml citrus-flavoured variant, which retails for £1.15, has been specially formulated for the UK market and marks Mountain Dew's first foray into the functional energy drinks arena.

It contains a mixture of caffeine and glucose and its launch is being backed by an in-store sampling programme. It is being targeted at the traditional "young male adult" consumer.

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