Waitrose is to be the launchpad for an Italian hazelnut liqueur. To promote the new product, the retailer is running a sampling campaign for the drink combined with its Italian coffee.
Frangelico - a liqueur made from wild hazelnuts, herbs and berries - has a flavour profile which includes chocolate, vanilla and coffee, in addition to the distinctive hazelnut flavour, according to the supermarket chain.
The drink was believed to have been first produced 300 years ago by Fra Angelico, a hermit monk in the Piedmont Hills in northern Italy, which is a region famed for its wild hazelnuts. Frangelico is considered to be a good companion to a number of eating and drinking occasions and it is being recommended as an ingredient in coffee, cocktails and cooking, particularly as an addition to a créme brulee.
The 24% abv Frangelico is available in 50cl bottles, priced at £10.99. Waitrose will be offering the liqueur for £8.99 until 1 June.