Cheeky Cow grated cheese

The Cheeky Cow half-fat cheese range is expanding

Cheddar maker Cricketer Farm has launched two new products in their Cheeky Cow half-fat mature cheese range.

The Somerset-based producer has added a six-pack of Cheeky Little Cow cheese sticks, and a 180g Cheeky Lazy Cow ready-grated pack of cheese to its range, with the new products exclusive to 60 Tesco stores in the south west of England.

The new products complement Cricketer Farm’s 100g trial pack and 350g standard pack of Cheeky Cow cheese, which are available at more than 80 Tesco stores in the region, in addition to more than 30 Asda stores and selected Spar outlets.

They were listed on 1 May, with the cheese sticks retailing at £1.50, and £1.80 for the grated cheese.

Cheeky Cow was the first stand-alone brand of half-fat Cheddar-style cheese when it launched in May 2013, said Cricketer Farm managing director Greg Parsons, adding that he hoped to eventually roll out the products on a national basis.

The cheese is made of skimmed milk and a combination of cultures, and contains 19% more protein and 13% more calcium than standard cheddar, he said.

Parsons added: “The success we have achieved in such a short time is fantastic, and I’m particularly excited by feedback that customers are returning to cheese thanks to Cheeky Cow, rather than cutting it out of their diet for the benefit of weight loss.

“This means we need to source yet more West Country milk, which promises a very healthy future for our individual farmers as well as our region’s dairy sector as a whole.”