Source: Wholegood

It is the first organic wonky range to be featured in one of the major retailers

Organic fresh produce wholesaler Wholegood has launched a retail range of organic wonky fruit & vegetables exclusively on Ocado.

The brand said the new range offered a solution to the global food waste crisis and the need to mitigate climate change.

It is the first organic wonky range to be featured in one of the major retailers, Wholegood claimed.

The range includes Organic Wonky Aubergines (rsp: £2/375g), Organic Wonky Courgette (rsp: £3.30/750g), Organic Wonky Mixed Pepper (rsp: £2.80/500g) and Organic Wonky Cucumber Wrapped (rsp: £1.90/500g). 

Wholegood said the strict standards set by retailers led to the rejection of edible produce, contributing to on-farm losses and waste.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and economic implications of food waste,” said Carl Saxton-Pizzie, founder and CEO of Wholegood. “By offering organic wonky fruit & vegetables, we’re not only providing customers with affordable organic options, but also supporting growers and fighting climate change.

“We must face into this waste issue, especially when some of it is purely based on cosmetics,” he added.

Wholegood has developed a dedicated channel for selling organic wonky produce through Ocado by working with its growers.

The initiative would increase profitability for growers, lowers prices for consumers and reduce overall demand for standard produce, the company said.

“We’re proud to be the only supermarket to offer an organic wonky range,” said Bea White, produce buyer at Ocado Retail. “Wholegood’s produce offers Ocado customers even more choice since they can now opt for the quality of organic at a lower price point simply by accepting a few cosmetic imperfections, which also helps to reduce food waste.”