Frozen food is inferior to fresh, claim one in three Brits, and our squad of undercover shoppers says the frozen fixture is unclear and unhealthy. Meanwhile, freezer space in store is being squeezed. We’ve teamed up with retailers, brands and creative experts to find out how retailers can get shoppers skipping down the frozen aisle. Here’s how… 

Out in the cold: ‘Frozen is inferior to fresh’ say 32% of Brits

One in three Brits turn their noses up at frozen food, according to an exclusive poll for The Grocer. Why? And what can be done to turn around perceptions?

Undercover shoppers: ‘Frozen fixture is unhealthy and unclear’

What do shoppers think about the frozen food fixture? How could it be improved? We’ve sent a squad of undercover shoppers into the frozen aisles of the major mults to find out…

Creative challenge: How to freshen up the frozen fixture

We’ve set retail design agency M Worldwide a creative challenge: come up with some concepts to get shoppers skipping down the frozen aisle. Here are the results…

The big squeeze: Frozen food fixtures are getting smaller

Analysis from Asossia shows that freezer space in the big four is declining. So what can brands do to make the most of the dwindling space?

Buyers Q&A: Frozen food is going posh

We’ve quizzed frozen food buyers from four very different grocers to get the lowdown on what the future holds for frozen, how to win a pitch and much more…

Frozen planet: DIY pizza hits our global NPD top 10

With the help of Mintel, we’ve trawled freezer cabinets around the world to find the hottest frozen launches, from bento boxes to peelable ice pops…

Ahhhh… Frozen brands score with quality cues

What does it take to achieve growth in the frozen food sector? We’ve crunched IRI and Kantar sales figures and talked to the biggest brands to find out…

Creative challenge: Frozen ready meals can be sexy… honest

We’ve teamed up with branding agency The Partners to come up with some concepts of how frozen food can be brought into the 21st century. So what were the results?

Clarence is gone… but Birds Eye ups ad spend by 70%

The 10 biggest spenders on advertising in frozen food have forked out £22.5m on ad space alone in the past year. So where did all that cash go? Was it money well spent?

(Anti) Social media: only half of frozen brands are on Facebook

Frozen food brands certainly aren’t the most social in grocery. Our analysis shows that only half of the biggest players are on Facebook. Why? And how is it being used?