Aunt Bessie's

William Jackson Food Group has launched two additions to Aunt Bessie’s frozen portfolio: Carvery Style Yorkshires and Sweet Potato Chips, both launching in Sainsbury’s on 6 June.

The Yorkshire puddings are claimed to be “larger and more rustic” than similar products, and come in a 220g pack of four (rsp: £1.99). “They’re so simple and quick to cook, and look amazing,” according to brand manager Katy Hamblin. “They’re a premium product, different to anything else on the market right now.”

Following the launch of wedges in January and jackets in March this year, Aunt Bessie’s has now added chips to its sweet potato range in a 500g pack (rsp: £2.49).

“We’re always looking to develop something new for shoppers to try, and our research showed a real opportunity for branded frozen sweet potato products,” said marketing director Lorraine Rothwell.

“Sweet potato offers something a little bit different and also has health benefits: it’s one of your 5 a day, it’s gluten-free, and it’s high in fibre.”