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Source: Driscoll’s

The packaging solution had seen an ’overwhelmingly positive response’ from customers, helping significantly reduce plastic use, Driscoll’s said

Global berry giant Driscoll’s has rolled out its branded paper packs into a major UK supermarket for the first time.

The business is using paper packaging for its branded berries in Asda stores in southeast England, as well as in Booths supermarkets, it revealed this week.

Driscoll’s acquired UK supplier Berry Gardens last autumn with the aim of growing its global brand in UK supermarkets.

The rollout means the brand will also feature ­British-grown berries in paper packaging for the first time, Driscoll’s said. And there will also be new larger formats: 250g & 300g paper packs for raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, up from the standard size of 125g.

Driscoll’s first launched its paper pack format in Whole Foods in 2021 and said it was one of the first suppliers in they world to offer shoppers the packaging solution.

“This expansion aims to help retailers and consumers reduce their reliance on plastic, offering consumers the chance to purchase berries in a paper pack format that they can recycle,” it said.

The launch marked the ambition to grow its business in the UK, “providing year-round berry program for the UK retail, including a branded proposition”, it added.

“Our new paper pack has already seen an overwhelmingly positive response, so we hope to continue to delight customers as they enjoy our delicious berries,” said Driscoll’s UK general manager Nick Allen.

“Shoppers across Europe have been buying their berries in paper packs for a few years now and I have no doubt that British shoppers will respond with the same enthusiasm. Each pack uses much less plastic than a standard punnet which is obviously a very positive reduction for the retailer, the consumer, and the planet.”

Driscoll’s plans new varieties and more export opportunities to grow UK berry category

Wyard Stomp, MD of Driscoll’s EMEA said the expansion of its offering was “an important step” after its acquisition of Berry Gardens.

“The British berry market is already worth more than £1.7 billion annually. We believe we can help retailers continue to grow through their own retailer brands and through the launch of the Driscoll’s brand in the UK.

“As a consumer-driven brand, our goal is to deliver solutions that exceed expectations and with our paper packs, we are offering a sustainable option, whilst not hindering the flavour and quality of the berries.”

The new paper pack provided a premium look and feel for on-shelf differentiation with a transparent top film allowing consumers to check product quality before purchase, the supplier said.

Additionally, the packaging has been tested extensively from field to fork to ensure it preserves the quality of the berries. The new packaging is also made from FSC-certified paper.

“Consumers are explicit in their desire to reduce single-use plastic wherever they can, particularly when it comes to fresh food,” said Allen.

“Only Driscoll’s offers paper packs at a significant scale within the berry aisle and, as retailers also have sustainability targets too, it seems like a win-win solution.”