Lidl blueberries with 'misused' Red Tractor logo

Source: Twitter/@JanPrince63

Lidl said it was ‘investigating the matter’ with its supplier

Lidl has been forced to apologise after a batch of its South African-grown blueberries were found to be carrying the Red Tractor logo.

A consumer initially highlighted the issue in a Tweet last week, with Lidl confirming the packaging on the 125g packs of class 1 blueberries had been updated to remove the logo by 2 November.

“We were extremely sorry to learn that a small quantity of our blueberries were incorrectly labelled as being Red Tractor assured,” said a spokesman.

“We are investigating the matter with our supplier to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Additionally, we have been in close contact with both Red Tractor and the NFU throughout, to provide them with the necessary reassurances. We sincerely apologise to our customers for any confusion caused.”

The Red Tractor Assured Food Standards only applies to food and drink sourced from UK farms.

“We are disappointed that Lidl misused our symbol, which is synonymous with the high-quality standards of British food and farming,” said a spokeswoman.

“We take the use of our logo very seriously. Red Tractor certification signifies that the food has been produced to world leading standards on safety, environmental protection and can be traced back to farms in the UK.”