Marks & Spencer’s love affair with hybrid fruit continues, with the launch this week of the grango – a variety of grapes that taste of mango.

Tutti Frutti seedless grapes are grown in south-east Spain and have a “distinctly tropical flavour”. They are exclusive to M&S and will be on sale in 200 stores from this week until the end of September, priced at £1.50 for 230g.

M&S grape product developer Zeina Orfali said M&S had been working on trials of the grapes since 2007. “We work closely with our growers to bring customers new and exciting flavours,” she said, adding “we’re delighted with the fruits of our labour.”

She added the extra sweet flavour of the grapes would make them a big hit with children, as well as adults looking to top up their 5-A-Day. “At only £1.50 per punnet, they’re affordable healthy snack.”

The introduction of grango grapes comes after M&S announced the launch of the papple – a cross between a pear and an apple - in May.