Chilled not-from-concentrate juice is having to fight with higher-profile products like Innocent Drinks smoothies for its share of space in the chiller cabinet.

With far less space devoted to promotions in chilled than elsewhere in-store, Morrisons was the only retailer to promote the chilled not-from-concentrate category last weekend, when the survey was conducted, and only the Princes brand was on offer.

So far this year, Tropicana has been on offer more often than any other chilled not-from-concentrate juice, with 63% of featured promotional space in this category.

Minute Maid has had the second most space with 20%, closely followed by Princes with 17%.

Last year, Princes was top of the table with 49% of activity for chilled not-from-concentrate juice, Tropicana in second with 48% and Minute Maid recording only a 3% share.

Smoothies, however, continue to grab ever more space, with Innocent dominating the sector so far in 2007. Last weekend, it accounted for 80% of branded smoothie promotions, with PJ Smoothies taking the remaining 20%.

A similar percentage split is

shown in the overall year-to-date

figures for 2007, with Innocent

taking 79% of activity and PJ Smoothies, again the only other smoothie brand using featured space, taking 21%.

Last year, Innocent recorded activity in each month except June.

All five retailers featured promotions throughout the year, with the favoured mechanic being save, which accounted for 75% of brand offers. The remaining was split equally between half-price and x-for-y offers.

PJ Smoothies also favoured the save mechanic in 2006, and used it in 70% of all offers. Half-price accounted for the remaining 30%.

The charts opposite show the combined top five players in smoothies and chilled not-from-concentrate juices for 2006 and this year to date.