Impossible Nuggets

Impossible has hit the UK. But with inflation soaring, is it right product, wrong time?

Has the pioneering fake meat brand already missed the boat in the UK?

Deforestation forest trees

JBS and environmentalists at odds over Italy-sized emissions claims

The Brazilian meat giant has rejected accusations its emissions have surged as ”flawed” 

Nick RObinson JBS

Going plant-based with Pilgrim’s Food Masters CEO Nick Robinson

Pilgrim’s Food Masters CEO is taking some of the UK’s biggest meat brands and turning them veggie. So far, at least, it seems to be working

lab meat

Agronomics launches Roslin Technologies joint venture to develop lab grown pet food

Cultivated meat investor Agronomics has partnered with a food biotech company to develop lab grown meat for pets.

Mosa Meat burger_0001

The biggest funding rounds in cultured meat startups

Dive into the top 10 funding rounds for European biotechs developing protein alternatives and the biggest investments around the globe

BEEF FARMING GettyImages-1325931842

How 2021’s cultured meat controversy exploded

A facility producing about 6.8 kilotons would cost from $17-$23 per pound of meat

BURGER MONEY GettyImages-1303079422

Is cultured meat ‘pure science’ or a billion-dollar con?

Almost a decade since the unveiling of the first lab-grown burger, no business has been able to make it commercially viable. But that’s not stopped the money rolling in

Ethical Butcher

The Ethical Butcher to launch wholesale business supplying restaurants, pubs and hotels

Early partners with the brand include Native, Silo, and The Warehouse at The Conduit.

pork chop pexels

What’s the outlook for animal protein over the course of 2022?

Another volatile year for the sector also presents opportunities, says Justin Sherrard, Rabobank’s global strategist for animal protein

Naylor Nurtition Lincolnshire Site

Lincolnshire farm to build ‘world’s first’ cabbage-derived protein factory

Naylor Farms is seeking planning permission fora new facility that will convert 2,000 tonnes of cabbage into plant-based protein a week


JBS to build lab-grown meat research centre after buying Spanish startup

The Brazilian meat giant is spending $100m on the venture, with the aim of products hitting the market by 2024


3D-printed plant-based meat alternatives launched in UK by Redefine Meat

The company’s products use plant-based ingredients to replicate the molecular make-up of standard meat


UK’s cultured meat sector ‘could be worth £2.1bn to economy’

British startup Ivy Farm Technologies has called on the government to support the UK’s emerging lab-grown meat sector

Tesco meat and veg fixture

We’re at peak meat. Which supermarket will bite the bullet and pledge to sell less?

Supermarkets cannot sell meat at the volumes they do without being involved in deforestation, says Elena Polisano, Greenpeace UK senior campaigner