E&J Gallo has ramped up its promotional activity this year, taking the lead in the year to date and pushing last year's big hitter Hardys into second place.

E&J Gallo accounted for 34% of the top five wine brands on featured ­promotion last weekend, 13 points clear of Jacob's Creek at second place. It now sits at the top of the overall wine chart for year-to-date figures with 27%, two percentage points higher than its 2006 end-of-year share. The brand was featured on offer in three of the five retailers.

E&J Gallo also led the overall alcohol top five chart, which is usually dominated by beer brands. It was an impressive 18 points ahead of Carlsberg, with 27% of the top five alcohol offers.

As with the other wine brands, the preferred mechanic for E&J Gallo last weekend was 'save', with only Asda using x-for-y.

Jacob's Creek took 21% and second place last weekend with activity in two retailers. With fairly consistent activity this year, Jacob's Creek is third in the 2007 year-to-date chart with 17%, two places and three percentage points up from 2006.

Hardys, at 17%, took third place last weekend. The brand has dropped from its 2006 first-place position, when it accounted for 27% of promotions, to second place in the 2007 overall chart, losing three percentage points to Gallo.

However, with some of the most important wine retailing months remaining in 2007, all is still to play for.

Featured in two retailers last weekend, Oyster Bay took 15% of the top five wine chart, putting it in fourth place. The brand currently shares 12th place in the 2007 overall wine chart. Turner Road accounted for the remaining 13% in this weekend's top five chart, with promotional activity recorded in three of the five retailers. The brand is joint 16th in year-to-date figures.

Of the top five brands listed, the preferred promotional mechanic has been 'save', although x-for-y and half-price are also used.