Hovis has repackaged its Invisible Crust white and best of both varieties to get more parents buying into the crust-less concept.

A £2m marketing campaign, including a new TV ad featuring a father and son, will run until the end of March, while the pack design is now in line with the rest of the Hovis range, and printed on thicker bags. "Hovis Invisible Crust is a great category innovation and has really driven trade up," said Hovis senior brand manager Marie Davies. "To reflect its success we are making this investment to meet demand, renew our commitment to this brand and encourage trial."

Hovis Invisible Crust arrived in August 2005 and now has sales of £17.9m [ACNielsen MAT 30 December 2006]. It is baked from the inside using microwave technology, creating a loaf soft to the edge.

Conversely, rival Kingsmill Crusts Away is made in an overlarge tin, with its crusts mechanically cut off to leave normal sized slices.