Sainsbury's was the only supermarket to deliver a full basket of 33 items.

The website was easy to navigate and the products arrived in good condition, including very fresh-looking fruit and veg. While the driver was polite, he did not ­offer to bring the items into the house. There were also two minor pricing mistakes on the receipt.

Ocado's shopping experience was "excellent from beginning to end", our shopper said. The delivery times were offered in one-hour slots, unlike all the others, which had two-hour windows, and a reminder text with the delivery time was sent the day before.

No items were missing from the delivery but four products were not available to order. Seven bags were left behind but the driver said they would be collected on the next Ocado delivery. 

Three items were listed on the receipt but missing from the delivery from Waitrose, and two substitutions were received. One box was partially crushed, and broccoli ­arrived yellowed and with black mould growth.

Asda offered a user-friendly ­website but its driver was not very communicative as he left 14 bags in the hallway.

Four items were not available to order from Tesco but those purchased were delivered in good condition. One substitution was made. The driver was pleasant and helpful, carrying bags and crates into the kitchen.

Star Order: Tanya Lawler,  director of direct channels, Sainsbury’s
Sainsbury's was the only supermarket to deliver a full basket without substitutions. How do you ensure availability? The online team works closely with our colleagues in supply chain to ensure we do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers. We know availability is crucial for our customers and we do everything we can to not let them down.

How fast is Sainsbury's online growing? Our online grocery service is growing at around 20% year-on-year we now have about 120,000 orders each week.

Eleven bags were used and the driver did not offer collect them back. Have you any plans to reduce the number of carrier bags? We are heavily investing in the training of our online teams and a major part of this is reducing the amount of carrier bags used. We are working on several initiatives to this end and they are already leading to great results in a number of stores. With regard to the driver not collecting the bags, we do train our drivers to do this and we would like to apologise that this didn't happen in this instance.

Should drivers carry shopping into the house? Our policy is that our delivery drivers take the shopping through to a room of the customer's choice. Obviously that didn't happen on this occasion, and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.