UDV UK Ltd Templefields House River Way Harlow Essex CM20 2EA Tel: 01279 626801 Fax: 01279 633115 Customer enquiries: 01279 633330 Ice going for favourite liqueur Made from a base of 100% aged Scotch whiskies ­, many of which are 15-17 year old malts ­ combined with Scottish heather honey and a secret herbal essence, Drambuie is being marketed as the dinner party liqueur for the festive season with a new advertising campaign aimed at mellow, mature drinkers. "Drambuie is best served over ice because as the ice melts it releases the complex fragrances and flavours contained within the secret herbal recipe," says UK brand manager for Drambuie, Rob Flanagan. "These marry together with the malts and honey to create a sophisticated drink which ideally complements the atmosphere immediately after an enjoyable meal ­ the best part of the evening when the mood is relaxed and intimate." While the ad campaign ­ which runs in quality broadsheets, as well as contemporary titles, including Time Out ­ taps into the party mood, the off trade is seeing some heavyweight sampling with tailormade offers in all the major grocers. Sampling activity More than 300,000 consumers will be sampling Drambuie over 1,400 sampling days and 1,400 sites. "The off-trade is a very important arena for Drambuie and I this upweight in activity is imperative at the Christmas trading time," says Flanagan. The new serving message is reflected in the innovative Drambuie over ice logo, featured in the ad campaign. A new gift box will also be available in major grocers and specialists, and, as part of the campaign, complimentary Drambuie miniatures will be going out through the gourmet take-away company Room Service, which delivers meals to people's homes. To complete the pre-Christmas package, independents and C&Cs will have off-shelf displays, increased facings, and tailormade promotions which follow on from UDV research which revealed heavy impulse buying in the after dinner drinks category. "Creating excitement in retail is all about marketing to the occasion and you don't get a bigger occasion than Christmas," says UDV's director of off-trade category planning Andy Adams. Meanwhile, UDV's Classic Malts have put themselves on the map with a series of Classic Malts Taste Maps which accompany each of the six individual brands. The maps are designed to convey the taste, smell and flavour of each Malt through evocative imagery. "We have been focusing closely on the taste characteristics of each of the six Classic Malts," says Nick Williamson, brand manager, "and as well as describing them with suitable language, we've also been working on giving visual examples of what taste actually looks like." The Classic Malts relationship marketing programme has doubled membership of its Classic Malts Club to 40,000 malt whisky consumers who each receive direct mailings, including The Quaiche magazine, invitations to key tastings, distillery visits and access to exclusive bottlings. Consumers join the club via application details included on neck collars. "We are tapping in to the enormous interest in malt whisky as well as providing consumers with a range of well-balanced, individual and top quality Classic Malts," says Williamson. Spirit indicators: · Heavyweight sampling in major grocers · Drambuie on ice is new proposition · Tailor made promotions for C&Cs and independents · Mellow image aimed at older drinkers · Complimentary miniature with gourmet meals {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}