New Covent Garden soup

Seven variants remain in Sainsbury’s chillers

Hain Daniels is upgrading its fresh soup offer in the mults, stripping back SKUs of New Covent Garden while winning extra space for its higher-priced Yorkshire Provender.

More than half of New Covent Garden Soup Co’s SKUs in Sainsbury’s have vanished from chillers in recent weeks, the latest data from Edge by Ascential shows [w/e 27 November 2018].

Ten of the brand’s soups have become unavailable from Sainsbury’s since early October, leaving seven core variants such as Classic Chicken, Wild Mushroom and Vegetable. Meanwhile, Broccoli Pea & Pesto, Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya, and Carrot & Butternut with Coriander are among those no longer listed, according to Edge.

Similar changes have occurred in Asda, Morrisons and Tesco, where the likes of Skinny Creamy Chicken & Vegetable have vanished since early autumn.

A spokeswoman for Hain Daniels said there had been “some lines we have removed which were part of a category review we suggested” – but she stressed New Covent Garden had “not been delisted”.

In Sainsbury’s, the soup’s stablemate Yorkshire Provender recently won listings for six SKUs with a shelf price of £2.50 – 25% higher than New Covent Garden’s £2.

The overhaul of Hain Daniels fresh soup offer comes as New Covent Garden’s core portfolio has lost 8.9% of its value in the mults over the past year, on volumes down 10.7% [Nielsen 52 w/e 8 September 2018]. However, Yorkshire Provender – which Hain Daniels acquired in early 2017 – has grown its standard lines by 25.5% on volumes up 20.9%.