A leading meat producer is hoping to appeal more to women in a bid to boost sales of one of its oldest brands.

Grampian Country Foods has conducted a thorough review of its Halls pork brand which has sales of around £19m a year.

The brand, first launched in 1932 by David A Hall, is Scotland’s bestselling range of sausage and bacon products, and lays claim to being the world’s largest producer of haggis.

The entire range is being relaunched with an updated image.

Richard Walker, director of brand development, said: “The review identified that the packaging had become dated and was in need of a facelift.

“In common with most meat businesses, we had overlooked the fact that women buy over 75% of meat.

“Our future brand communication had to be fresh and vibrant and appealing to women.”

He said as a result, it had updated and softened the logo and increased its presence on the pack. The new packaging also uses photography for the first time.

“All the packs share a vibrant colour scheme and, importantly, have full colour photography to make the meal occasion come alive at the fixture.”

Walker added that the company had moved away from polystyrene trays, which did little to enhance the appearance of their sausages, and were now using film with plastic trays.

The relaunch, on the back of a six-figure sum, is being supported with a public relations campaign throughout the UK as well as activity with Scottish newspapers and other UK wide media groups, Walker said.