California Raisins has added to its involvement in areas of health and fitness by presenting an award for PE Teacher of the Year at the 17th Annual Sportswoman of the Year 2004 Awards, which took place in London this week.

The award was presented to Jackie Johnson for her dedication and achievement in raising the profile of PE at Barnwell School, Stevenage.

Johnson has stated she is looking forward to assisting California Raisins in the coming year as an ambassador for schools, promoting the benefits of healthy eating combined with regular exercise.

She said: “We don’t allow fizzy drinks or crisps in school and winning this award is really exciting for the whole school and proof that we’re doing the right thing.”

Health and fitness was also on the agenda for Tessa Sanderson, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for 26 years of dedication to sport.

“Since I last competed I have been working very hard to ensure we have a healthier nation, particularly through work with Sport England,” said Sanderson.

The awards, hosted by Kelly Dalglish, were attended by over 500 guests with various categories of awards, including the award for Sportwoman of the Year for 2004, which was won by Kelly Holmes.