Now You Can

Drinkaware has partnered with Heineken and Tesco for the next stage of its Drink Free Days campaign aimed at encouraging drinkers to take more days off.

The tie-up will see signage roll out in stores this month suggesting Heineken 0.0% as a potential alternative to alcoholic drinks, alongside display ads on in-store digital advertising screens and a banner on Tesco’s website from mid-November.

The wider Drink Free Days campaign launched in September, and had already “proved popular with consumers who are interested in taking more days off from drinking as a way of reducing their health risks from alcohol”, said Drinkaware director of business development & partnerships Rommel Moseley.

It created a “powerful partnership which we believe will resonate with Tesco shoppers”, added Heineken sales director Simon Amor.

It comes after the Department of Health & Social Care revealed this week there would be no change to labelling rules for low and non-alcoholic drinks after a lengthy public consultation - much to the chagrin of drinks trade bodies.