Source: Holland & Barrett

H&B is also teaming up with TV presenter Cherry Healey to launch the menopause ‘Pause & Listen Pledge’

Holland & Barrett has trained over 4,000 colleagues across UK stores to become “menopause advisors”.

The health and wellness retailer has trained store colleagues to be able to recognise symptoms, understand the different phases of the menopause cycle and advise on lifestyle and diet options.

It has also begun opening ‘Pause & Listen Rooms’ in some of its city stores, which are dedicated rooms offering “a calming space and cool spots” so customers and colleagues alike can speak with a trained menopause adviser.

These spaces are currently available in 18 of its stores. Customers seeking menopause support can either opt for walk-ins or book online consultations. The service is free and available seven days a week.

Holland & Barrett said the move aimed to raise awareness and boost menopause education in order to help women struggling with symptoms.

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“There has been real progress made in recent years to bring the menopause to the forefront of the conversation, thanks to the many high-profile women who have been openly speaking about their experiences in the media,” said H&B’s wellness futures science lead, Fiona Sweny.

“However, while awareness has improved, there is still a big job to be done in helping women feel heard. We know everyone’s journey is different and while we won’t pretend to know how an individual’s experience feels, we can promise to be there to listen, support, and offer guidance.”

H&B is also teaming up with TV presenter Cherry Healey to launch the menopause ‘Pause & Listen Pledge’, a campaign to get people to listen and support others experience the menopause.

H&B joins fellow retailers such as John Lewis, M&S and Sainsbury’s, all of which have been ramping up support for staff and customers dealing with menopausal symptoms.