Sainsbury’s has has pledged to share its wellbeing research with businesses

Sainsbury’s has kicked off a marketing initiative that focuses on the UK’s quality of life.

The supermarket has created a ‘living well’ index that assesses factors including money, sleep quality and job satisfaction to work out what is most important to wellbeing.

Sainsbury’s found sleep was the most important indicator of quality of life in a survey of 8,250 people, which looked at 60 different aspects of their behaviour.

According to the findings, improving sleep quality can yield a boost in wellbeing equivalent to having over four times as much disposable income.

Relationships, job security and health of loved ones also emerged as important factors.

Sainsbury’s has now made a simplified version of the questionnaire available on its site so customers can check how their wellbeing rates compare with the national average, and receive tips on how to improve their score.

The supermarket has pledged to share the research with businesses, government, civil society and academia to help people “live happier, more satisfying lives”.

The initiative ties in with Sainsbury’s long-standing ‘live well for less’ slogan. “Our ambition at Sainsbury’s has always been to help our customers live well for less - it’s been the premise of the company since we began,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“But, what does it really mean to live well? How well are we really living as a nation, and why? These questions are fundamental to us all and yet remain relatively underexplored.”