The British Council of Shopping Centres has rebranded under a new name: Revo.

In a new mission statement, the organisation said it wanted to become more relevant, more representative and more dynamic.

revo logo

The name, combining the terms retail and evolution, was chosen after it brought in a brand agency to come up with a new identity.

Announcing the change at its conference in Manchester yesterday, chief executive Edward Cooke said the shopping centre industry was diversifying and adapting in the digital world to include more food and drink, leisure, cultural uses and urban living.

A new six-point agenda for change has been launched including a pledge of greater collaboration with other industry bodies such as the British Property Foundation and the BRC. Revo has said it will look to become more inclusive as well as raising the profile of policy and industry campaigns.

“The name symbolises the energy and progress that underpins the organisation’s new strategy and ambitions,” said Cooke. “We’ve created something that’s contemporary, inclusive, and has clarity and purpose. We’re confident that our community will engage with, support and benefit from Revo as the go-to organisation for influence, networks, standards and insight.”