Subway web

Source: Subway web

Subway is introducing self-service kiosks, a brand new app, and an improved loyalty programme as part of a major digital experience revamp.

The new interactive kiosks will join existing digital menu boards, allowing customers to place orders via digital screens that go directly to the kitchen in real time.

The fast food chain is also rolling out a new app customers can use to place orders online and to collect points towards an updated loyalty programme called Subway Rewards.

The new rewards programme will earn points on every purchase, which can be converted in ‘Subway Cash’ to spend on any menu item with no minimum spend.

Subway claims this is a unique offering within the QRS industry across the UK, with points available to be redeemed without being linked to any promotion providing “added flexibility and convenience”.

“Digital integration and growth continue to be a key focus of Subway’s transformation journey, and, over the past few years, the brand has made impressive strides,” said Dan Holm, VP, Global Digital, Payments & Off-Premises at Subway.

“As we think about Subway’s future, we’re doubling down on our global digital commitment to streamline and simplify the guest experience from start to finish and improve operational efficiencies for our franchisees.”

Self-service kiosks are currently being rolled out nationwide, and will be in every UK store by the end of the year.