Trendy tea brand Charbrew hopes to woo younger consumers back to the tea aisle with funky flavours such as Strawberry & Cream.

From July, 300 Sainsbury's stores will carry its Tropical Rooibos and Strawberry & Cream teas (rsp £2.49/15 pyramids). The two are part of a six-strong range that also includes Black Tea with Sunflower Blossom alongside more traditional Original, English Breakfast and Darjeeling options.

The brand, listed nationally in Lakeland and Booths, was established in 2009 by 23-year-old finance graduate Adam Soliman, who already exports Charbrew teas to the US and France, and will soon be expanding into the Middle East.

Soliman also plans to extend the brand into the growing iced tea market and hopes to develop a subscription-based tea club that will deliver new teas to shoppers' doors.

"There are lots of tea brands offering the same products. This is about driving consumption with higher-quality, different-tasting teas," he said.

Earlier this year, Mintel warned that younger people were abandoning the traditional cuppa with 88% of Brits aged over 55 drinking tea compared with 73% of 15 to 34-year-olds.

"Tea is failing to convert the younger generations in significant enough numbers to replace those falling out of the market," warned Mintel senior drinks analyst Jonny Forsyth. "Younger tea-drinkers have a much more adventurous attitude and enjoy flitting between standard breakfast, speciality and herbal tea rather than just sticking to one type," he said.