Source: Lidl

Lidl is beefing up its customs team as the country heads towards a potential no-deal exit from the EU on 31 October.

The discounter is recruiting a senior customs specialist, who it says will need in-depth knowledge of the law on importing from outside the EU amid changing requirements.

Top of the list of job requirements is ‘extensive knowledge of import from non-EU countries, particularly the documentation and certificates needed for goods to enter the UK in a rapidly evolving compliance landscape’.

The job is at Lidl’s UK head office in Wimbledon, where the supermarket has created a new customs department to deal with importing challenges arising from Brexit.

The ad on Lidl’s website also says: ’The ideal candidate will have experience in regulatory compliance in relation to business activities from non-EU countries. You will address trade compliance issues to mitigate import (as well as potential export) compliance risks and work closely with all stakeholders to ensure non-UK entities follow all the international and national regulations for the movement of goods.

‘This is an exciting opportunity to play a leading part in our strategy across our wider business network while making sure we are prepared for the challenges ahead.’

The supermarket is also currently looking for a customs compliance and audit specialist.

The new customs department was created at the beginning of the year, ahead of the original Brexit deadline of 29 March.

The senior specialist role is the latest in a string of posts advertised on the new team. Others have included assistants, managers and a head of customs and imports responsible for ‘project managing the Brexit strategy’.

Lidl did not provide a comment.