Holland and Barrett Shake A Whey

Holland & Barrett boss Peter Aldis shows off the Shake A Whey stop near London’s Leadenhall Market

Holland & Barrett is trialling a protein shake bar in a revamped store in London’s Leadenhall Market.

The Shake-a-Whey bar allows shoppers to mix their own protein drink to takeaway. They can also fill up a bottle to take away with them and drink later.

The 1,400 sq ft store on Gracechurch Street also has a pick and mix stall of fruit, nuts and seeds and an enlarged selection of chilled food and drinks.

The store has an early opening time of 7:30am to catch commuters on their way to work.

“This new store has been modelled with convenience in mind, to help people maintain their health and wellbeing in the easiest way possible,” said Peter Aldis, CEO of Holland & Barrett’s parent company NBTY Europe.

In addition to the new Shake-A-Whey and pick and mix fixtures, there is an extended ethical beauty section containing natural skincare and make-up products that are free of chemical additives such as parabens and sodium laurel sulphate.