Source: Twinings

The range has disappeared from the retailer’s shelves

Twinings’ Cold In’fuse range has been axed by Tesco.

The range, which Twinings launched in 2018, has completely disappeared from the retailer’s shelves over recent weeks.

A Twinings spokeswoman, confirming the delisting, said the brand was working “closely with retailers on an ongoing basis to determine which of our broad range of products currently has most appeal to their customers”.

Twinings’ Cold In’fuse is still being sold in Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.

The Cold In’fuse range was created by Twinings to challenge rising flavoured water players, offering teabags containing botanicals and small pieces of fruit designed to release flavour in cold water rather than hot.

The brand extended its lineup in 2020 with the addition of six fortified teas to the range, which Twinings claimed would “support daily wellbeing” with the addition of vitamins and minerals.