Modern TVs are constantly pushing the technological frontiers and the Pioneer PDP-5000EX is unquestionably the finest plasma display ever created.

It's not cheap - you could buy all three of the others in our review for its £6,000 price tag - but it is the best you can buy, full stop, end of story. The Pioneer offers 1920x1080 capability in a market where almost every other rival - including most LCDs - offer 1366x768 or less.

Yes, there is more to great picture quality than resolution. We've tested other screens with 1080 capability before and they've all looked the part with HD but fallen down with 'lesser' viewing content such as DVD.

But this telly manages to shine with plain old TV, blending exemplary focus and stability with spectacular colours. It looks even more eye-popping with HD, especially of the 1080 variety, although 'better' doesn't really convey the majesty of the viewing experience. 'Awesome' would be more appropriate.

Weaknesses? You need to know that it's a display rather than a telly - no TV tuner here - and it's also rather hefty, even by the standards of 50in sets. But otherwise, the only real hurdle is the price. It may be best but, boy, do you pay for it.

Sales: 01753 79789

Loewe Individual 32 Selection DR+

You can tailor the Loewe to your own version of chic; it comes in five colours and nine coloured trim inserts. Picture performance is exemplary but at £2,600, it isn't cheap.

Sales: 0800 027 6465

Packard Bell Smart TV S320

Blending a PC with a TV - great idea. But there are downsides and the S320 manifests most of them. PCs crash, for example, and have cooling fans. The picture results aren't what you'd expect for £2,000.

Sales: 0870 112 2334

Sanyo CE32LDY1

The CE32LDY1, aka the Y:TV, is stylish and capable and doesn't cost the earth (£1,400). Recording space of 160GB is twice that of the Loewe model, and the ­Sanyo is half the price. Overall, a solid TV.

Sales: 01923 246 363