Duracell: Duralock with Power Preserve technology
Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble
The market leader is looking to make a major dent in its rivals’ sales with a new line of batteries later this year that it claims will improve storage life by 43%.
The Duralock with Power Preserve technology, which it claims is its biggest product breakthrough since the creation of CopperTop, will come packaged with a ‘good until’ date and be guaranteed to stay powered for up to 10 years in storage, beating the previous guarantee for most Duracell batteries of seven years.

Panasonic Everyday Power
: July 2012
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Tapping into the trend for value for money as well as quality, Panasonic this year renamed its Standard Power batteries Everyday Power to communicate that they are batteries for commonly used devices. It has also reformulated the product to “provide reliable and dependable power” at an “extremely affordable price”.

: October 2012
Manufacturer: Varta
The German giant is launching a pack redesign in October to better inform customers of the capability of different sub-types of products. The products are positioned as cheaper equivalents to market-leading Duracell, with Max Tech, High Energy and Longlife all claimed to last as long as Duracell equivalents, but retailing at 30p-50p cheaper.

GP ReCyko
: end of 2012
Manufacturer: GP Batteries
Despite falling sales of rechargables, GP Batteries has been bucking the trend with double-digit growth in its rechargeable range. At the end of the year, it plans to relaunch its ReCyko products, voted “Best Buy” by Which? magazine for the past three years. The batteries last seven times longer than its standard alkaline batteries.