Iceland £60 basket

Iceland’s ‘weekly shop in one click’ has risen in price since 5 July by 50%, from £40 to £60, while growing in size by 33%.

As reported by The Grocer earlier this month, the online offer consists of a basket already filled with shopping intended to feed a family for week, which customers can take to the checkout after a single click.

The number of items in the basket has risen from 30 to 40, according to terms & conditions listed on Iceland’s website today (29 July).

It means the average price per item has risen by 12.8%, from £1.33 to £1.50. Much of that increase is accounted for by the addition of new lines with a higher than average price point, including a pack of nine Petal Soft toilet rolls for £3.50 and a 21-wash pack of Persil Non Bio Washing Powder for £2.75.

Including swapped lines, 18 items in the latest basket are new. Iceland 900g Thin & Crispy French Fries for £1 has gone since 5 July, while Iceland Ridiculously Crispy Straight Cut Chips 1.2kg has been added at £2.

Lines that remain on the list and have risen in price are limited to Iceland 400g Extra Mature Cheddar, up 35p to £2.85, and 10 Iceland Large Eggs, rising by 10p to £1.39.

Weetabix Melts Milk Chocolate 360g for £1.50 has gone, while two boxes of Nestlé cereal – 630g Original Shreddies and 540g Multigrain Cheerios – have been added, costing £2 each.

Six of the new lines are chilled or frozen fruit & veg.

Iceland said the basket changed regularly to appeal to different groups and offer as much value as possible.

The latest basket comes with a total saving of £10.64, according to the T&Cs, compared with a claimed saving of £6.29 on 5 July.

As a frozen food specialist, Iceland’s profits are under pressure from rising energy prices, according to the private business’s latest annual report, reported on this week by the Financial Times