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Source: Iceland

Iceland has fitted technology by the company Lightfoot into the cabs of its 1,645 delivery vans

Iceland Foods is on track to slash the total carbon emissions emitted by its network of delivery drivers by more than 1,600 metric tonnes this year, through the introduction of new telematics technology.

The supermarket has installed a new dashboard system developed by UK company Lightfoot into the cabs of its 1,645 delivery vans. The tech “nudges” drivers to improve their driving style in real time, for example by prompting them to be more fuel-efficient or warn them if they are speeding.

Drivers are given a score at the end of the journey based on how efficiently, safely and consistently they drove. Their scores are then paired with a rewards app, and drivers who achieve the ranking of ‘elite driver’ status based on the collective scores from each journey are given the opportunity to win prizes, including cash.

Since implementing the tech, Iceland said it had seen its fuel savings increase by 13%. Instances of speeding had fallen by 36%, with harsh driving events also falling by 43%.

The supermarket said 98% of its drivers now achieve ‘elite driver’ status each week. Prior to the implementation of the technology, only 15% of drivers regularly drove at the standard required for the status.

“Iceland is committed to reducing its impact on the environment,” said Iceland senior delivery operations manager Phil Cane.

“As the world’s first food retailer to join The Climate Pledge committing to be net zero carbon by 2040, we have a responsibility to find innovative ways to be better across the business, and that includes our home delivery fleet.”

The technology had proved easy to implement and was simple to use, enabling the supermarket to reduce its emissions in “an entirely different way”, Cane said.

“By celebrating great performance by our drivers and engaging with them in a way that’s all about reward, our drivers are now self-managing and self-moderating. That helps to generate a safer, happier, more motivated team of delivery drivers, which in turn brings business benefits including reduced costs, fewer accidents, and lower emissions.”

Iceland estimated its total carbon saving was the equivalent to switching over 200 combustion vans to electric vehicles.

Lightfoot MD Paul Hollick said: “It’s great to see brands like Iceland taking the initiative to lower their carbon footprint. Time and again, our technology has shown the driver behind the wheel is more important than what they’re driving – after all, even the most environmentally-friendly vehicles are only as good as the way they’re driven.

“Iceland’s drivers have embraced our tech from day one. They’re now one of our best performing fleets, and that’s made a huge difference to the amount of emissions being produced.”