A Devon food manufacturer has developed a range of fish sausages aimed at consumers looking to cut down on their meat consumption.
Paramount 21 launched the bangers last year for foodservice but is now gearing up to sell them into retailers.
The frozen fish sausages come in two variants - smoked haddock (66% fish) and tuna, mustard & mint (59% fish).
The haddock sausages contain 26% tuna to provide meatiness. The casings are beef protein-based.
The gluten-free sausages weigh in at 55g each and are to be sold in packs of six with an rsp of £2.49. The product has to be frozen because shelf life is too short for sale as fresh.
Paramount 21 boss Ali Hannaford said: "These are fish fingers for grown ups. People are always saying there's no innovation in the frozen aisle any more - well, here's some."