The industry needs to sell the positive side of bread. It's one of the biggest intended purchases in the store and it gets left behind because it's not sexy. To keep the market alive we have to concentrate on quality. We have to get across the nutritional value of wholemeal bread and that we have a number of white breads with extra fibre. If we don't, we will have a situation where people will walk away from bakery and focus on other carbo-hydrates. What we are finding is that the premium bread sector is moving the market forward. Speciality bread isn't the biggest part of the market but it is a growth area. Back in the 70s there was only a baguette. Now we have bread produced from all over the world. We haven't got a bestseller as such. Ciabattas and baguettes sell well and everything else is down to impulse. We have a standard fixture format ­ all white together, wholemeal together and speciality together, then morning goods and cake. We are finding fresh cakes from the instore bakery successful and we've been successful in developing that in the past 18 months. Celebration cakes form a big part of the push. We are about to roll out a photo cake concept, where a customer can come along with any photograph and we scan it and put it on the cake. We are proud of our retailing industry because we feel we are keeping the baking industry alive. We have 225-230 bakeries, and everyone has a chance to go through a craft scheme where they can start with basic ingredients and learn how to make good quality bread. Almost all of our bakeries have scratch production. I don't think our competitors could say that. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}