Bargain Booze has extended its strategy of securing links with independents thanks to a deal with CTN retailer Finlay Newsagents.

The two companies are piloting a joint-fascia concept called 'Bargain Booze at Finlay at a Finlay store in South Shields. The shop also has joint signage in-store.

Early results show the store doubled its business in January, according to William Gandy, MD of Finlay Newsagents, which operates 21 stores across the north east of England. The concept could also be rolled out to a further four Finlay stores.

"This allows us to compete with the major supermarkets because we are able to offer a dynamic alcohol package and we didn't have to lose our identity," Gandy said.

Bargain Booze teamed up with Select & Save in October last year to trial the joint venture store concept Bargain Booze at Select & Save.