Sainsbury leaps two places to the top of the chart this week and is particularly strong on price promotions in the alcoholic drinks section with a wide range of wines and spirits on offer.

Tesco, Morrisons and Asda all slip down the chart while Safeway moves up one place to number four and presents a wide range of price promotions.

The category chart is topped by frozen this week which jumps from number four. Multibuy offers dominate the frozen category and it is supported by activity on a variety of brands including Birds Eye, Young’s, McCain and Ross.

Soft drinks continues to hold the number two slot and continues to make good use of gondola ends and floor stacks.

Alcoholic drinks and health and beauty both move down the chart while snacks continues at number five.

Nestlé finally ousts Walkers from the top spot in the brand chart although fewer than one percentage point separates them.

The brand has a wide variety of promotions across different categories, including cereals, confectionery and frozen.

Multibuy offers dominate and gondola ends appear to be the preferred location for the brand.

Kellogg’s moves up three spots to third place while Walkers and Birds Eye both move down. There are five new entries the highest being Persil at number five. Other new entries include Wall’s, Fox’s, Dolmio and Müller.

In the own label category chart frozen food holds fast at number one while culinary climbs to second place.

Dairy is the only new entry this week and comes in at number three with a variety of price promotions.