Kellogg's is expanding into the adult fruit snacks sector for the first time as its plan to derive half of sales from outside cereals gathers pace.

It is spending £4m next year on advertising its new FruitaBü range, which will initially consist of pouches of Apple Crisps in three fruit flavours and air-dried fruit segments called Fruit Juicies. The range will hit UK shelves in January.

Each product carries the 5-a-day logo and contains one portion of fruit per serving as well as no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.

The products will be packaged in apple-shaped pouches with tear-off strips, retailing at 69p, with the Kellogg's name only present subtly on the back of packs. The decision to exclude Kellogg's branding was difficult, said Jean-Yves Heude, head of the UK snacks business unit. However, he said it was essential so as not to confuse customers.

The launch into fruit snacks was Kellogg's response to NHS research showing only 25% of adults and 17% of children ate enough fruit and vegetables.

"Convenience is really critical," said Heude. "We think we have the answer. We're going to the market with the first generation of products knowing that this is the beginning of a long story."

Kellogg's, which first launched into non-cereal snacks with Special K Mini breaks in July, is aiming to emulate its US business model, where 50% of turnover comes from snacks rather than core cereal lines. Kellogg's UK sales, which are dominated by cereals, currently top £550m [TNS 52 w/e 22 April].

Heude said he also wanted to see fruit products re-sited in store, moving away from the traditional spot by home baking and into high-footfall sections such as food to go and checkouts.

The fruit snacks category is currently worth £60m and growing at 12% a year without any major trade or marketing investment, he added.