Kellogg's has given the newest variety of its longest-running cereal an even healthier twist.

Multi-grain Corn Flakes promises to deliver the same taste as Original, but with the added extra goodness of multi-grain, combining corn, wholegrain rice and wheat.

Sweeter but less salty than the traditional corn flakes, it provides 5% of the GDA (guideline daily amount) for sugar

compared with 3% in Corn Flakes Original and 5% of the GDA for salt compared with Original's 9%.

"Kellogg's Multi-grain Corn Flakes are perfect for retailers to make the most of consumer interest in health," said UK sales

director Kevin Brownsey. "Consumers trust Original - the addition of multi-grain helps to strengthen its health credentials."

A promotional campaign for the new cereal launches at the start of August.

The new format follows similar moves to add multi-grain by Hula Hoops, Heinz canned pastas and Jordans' multi-grain porridge.

Kellogg's is also adding to its snacks, with the launch of Nutri-Grain Chocolate Oat-Baked Bars and Special K Mini Breaks. The new Nutri-Grain bar has the same flapjack texture, but with added chocolate . The whole Nutri-Grain range will be advertised on TV in September and two million households will get money-off vouchers in July.

Special K Mini Breaks are made from baked golden oats, wheat and rice and are a calorie-controlled option (99 calories in a 24g bag) for health-conscious nibblers.

The bags come in original (multi-packs and singles) and chocolate (multi-packs) variants and will be

promoted in a four-week ad campaign in September.

"Special K Mini Breaks is just the first in a number of bagged snacks innovations planned by Kellogg's over the next two years," said Brownsey.