Halewood International is investing £1m behind its ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ campaign for Lambrini, despite previous concerns that it could be under threat from strict new rules on alcohol advertising.
New commercials for the market-leading perry, which break on Wednesday (December 1), show the feisty Lambrini girls getting ready for a night out on the town.
Along with companies like Bacardi-Martini, Halewood had been concerned that the new Ofcom code on drinks advertising would prevent suppliers depicting people having fun in a social context.
However, marketing director Bob Rishworth said the revised code, which was published earlier this month after consultation, was more workable than the original version. He said he had feared suppliers would be restricted to showing bottles and glasses in a manner “so beloved of whisky companies” but was now feeling more optimistic.
He said all Lambrini’s current advertising had been approved by regulators, and it would be a “sad day” if the ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ strapline had to be changed because it was an important part of the brand’s identity.
“At four million cases, Lambrini is one of the most successful drinks brands in take-home and the research we do shows people have a high recall for the Lambrini girls. They don’t have anything to do with people being silly with alcohol.”
The new commercials will run throughout December.
Rishworth said: “They really capture the fun and flirty essence of the 18 to 24-year-olds and will provide great support for Lambrini.”
The commercials will be supported by a poster campaign across London in addition to a nationwide PR and sampling campaign.
The new code applies to all campaigns conceived after January 1, with a final deadline of September 30.
Claire Hu