Tesco has increased the price of milk in its stores by 9.3%, moving from £1.18 for four pints to £1.29.

The move marks a potentially significant step change in the supermarket milk price ‘war”, which has kept the price of four pints of milk at £1.18 – or less – across the high street for much of the year.

At present, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose sell four pints of standard own-label milk for £1.18, while Asda sells for £1. Morrisons moved its price from £1.18 to £1.49 in early October [BrandView.co.uk]. In the past, the major mults have tended to swiftly follow each other’s price moves.

Although it has increased the price of its standard own-label milk, Tesco is still selling four pints of milk for £1 through its Creamfields tertiary brand.

Tesco did not comment.