As the originator of the story surrounding the supply problems of HP sauce, I think it is only fair to put the record straight ('Supply problems with HP Sauce worsening', The Grocer, 20 October, p8).

While not yet fully back to normal, supplies of 255g HP sauce, the key line in the wholesale sector, are now very much better, and look on track for full resolution by the end of October, the date Heinz told me was their target.

Supplies of some of the smaller-selling sauce variants are still not back to normal but this was expected as we were told that production had to be concentrated on the core line.

Since The Grocer broke the story I have been reassured with an honest and realistic response from senior management at Heinz. In the interim, and after work from both sides, communication has been much better.

Use of a public airing of such problems should always be a last resort, but in this case has resulted in an improved situation for ourselves and our customers.

I'm sure both HJ Heinz and ourselves are committed to continuing the improved relationship of co-operation.