Sir: Asda’s plans for click & collect are a virtuous circle if ever there was one (‘Asda’s quiet move into the world of convenience retail’, 24 November). And while they might be denying any particular intent on the convenience front, there’s some clever thinking at play.

Fuel is a smart way to drive awareness of Asda’s click & collect offer. In turn, click & collect drives fuel purchases. Also, the fact that impulse and ‘add-on’ items are available drives footfall for the convenience offer on site. It’s also a nifty ‘three-for-one’ concept test of how well grocery does in forecourt, click & collect and convenience in general.

Asda’s plans to roll out another 100 click & collects to current stores is one thing but the potential to use a forecourt fuel estate for click & collect will test the concept yet further and bring more synergy. Tests could deliver some fascinating insights about the convergence of online and offline habits.

Matt Barnett, head of digital, MARS London